World of Administration: Reasons to Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree
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World of Administration: Reasons to Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree

Management, one of the oldest sciences in human history, has played a pivotal role in shaping civilizations and organizing societies. Studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration not only opens the door to understanding the historical significance of management but equips individuals with the skills needed for navigating today’s complex world. In this exploration, we delve into the evolution of administration, its crucial role in history, and the myriad advantages of pursuing a degree in Administration.

1. The Historical Significance of Administration

The word “administration” traces its roots to the Latin term “administrare,” meaning “to serve.” From ancient Rome onward, the concept emerged that effective management of resources required individuals capable of analyzing possibilities and designing realistic plans considering both material and human variables. Administrators became key figures in history, contributing to the growth of resources and enhancing well-being for societies.

As civilizations progressed, the demand for administrators increased, leading to the development of methodologies for optimal resource management. In 1858, Frederick Winslow Taylor, considered the father of scientific management, made significant contributions in Pennsylvania, USA. His methods not only increased industrial production but also underscored the universality of administration across all aspects of human life.

2. Administrators Who Changed History

Visionaries like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Carlos Slim, renowned for revolutionizing industries and creating million-dollar businesses, recognized the fundamental role of administration in their success. The discipline’s advancement owes much to influential thinkers such as Henri Fayol and Harold Koontz, who emphasized understanding every aspect of a company for effective management.

In today’s world, with a burgeoning number of companies and entrepreneurs, the demand for well-trained, creative, and innovative managers has surged. In Mexico alone, approximately 1 million professionals in business administration and management work across public and private sectors, reflecting the discipline’s critical importance.

3. Advantages of Studying Administration

The field of Administration stands out as one of the most important professions today, offering enormous benefits for those who choose to study it. Here are some advantages:

a. Collaborative Career

Administration professionals work collaboratively with others to ensure the optimal functioning of work centers. Unlike isolated areas of knowledge, administration requires a teamwork approach, emphasizing effective coordination and communication.

b. Innovative Work

Contrary to the stereotype of administration being a serious and dull profession, practitioners are exceptionally creative individuals. Their unique worldview allows them to create novel ways of managing resources, contributing to the growth and productivity of companies.

c. Flexible Profession

Administration is indispensable in most sectors, providing specialists with the flexibility to operate in diverse spaces. Whether in industry, improving production processes, or in the media, professionals can leverage their skills to enhance resource utilization.

d. Constant Challenges

Administrators face a myriad of challenges, from capital limitations to personnel management and logistics. This dynamic field requires tenacity and courage to confront and solve diverse problems, making it a space of continuous growth and development.

4. Why Study the Bachelor of Administration at IEU University

Having explored the history and significance of administration, it is essential to choose the right institution for your academic journey. IEU University emerges as the optimal choice for pursuing a Bachelor of Administration for several reasons:

a. Two Modalities

IEU University offers two modalities for the Administration study plan:

  • Executive: Combining online study with in-person sessions once every two weeks.
  • Online: Allowing students to access classes at their convenience.

b. Expertly Designed Program

The Administration program at IEU University is crafted by specialists with a recognized track record. Upon graduation, students are well-prepared to enter the labor market, armed with knowledge in accounting and finance, digital marketing, logistics, project management, and international business.


In conclusion, studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration not only connects individuals with the rich history of management but equips them with the skills required for the challenges of the contemporary world. The advantages of pursuing administration as a career, coupled with the tailored program at IEU University, position graduates for success in a dynamic and ever-evolving professional landscape.

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